Moose Hunts

Maine Moose Hunting - Northern Outdoors

Maine Moose Hunting - Northern Outdoors

Maine Moose Hunting - Northern Outdoors

Maine Moose Hunts

We offer moose hunts out of our Lodge in WMD\’s 8 and 14. This area of Maine boasts a very healthy moose population, with outstanding bulls taken every season.  Moose hunting is Maine is strictly controlled by region, and hunters must get a permit through the Moose Hunting Lottery. See the sidebar links for details.

2013 Moose Hunting Season:

  • WMD 8 & 14: Week of October 4th, and week of November 9th, 2013
  • Hunts include: use of a 4-wheel drive vehicle, Maine Registered Guide, accommodations and meals for the week at our Northern Outdoors hunting lodge.
  • Week long Moose Hunts are $2500*.*Price includes Permit holder and sub-permit holder or non-hunting partner.

Moose Season Dates

Moose Hunting Season:

WMD 8 & 14

October 12th – October 17th, 2015

Moose Hunting is strictly controlled by region in Maine, and not all regions are open for Moose Hunting all season.
See details on Moose Hunting Season by region and date here.

Moose Hunting Lottery: (3 Year)

Learn about Maine Moose Hunting Regulations here.


Guided Hunts sell out for peak weeks.

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