Registered Maine Guides & Maine Master Guides

Northern Outdoors’ Hunting Guides are all Registered Maine Guides and Maine Master Guides. This means they hold Hunting, Fishing, and Recreational Maine Guide licenses. They have decades of hunting experience and knowledge of our specific whitetail deer hunting region. These professionals know our hunting grounds intimately, and know where the Trophy Bucks are most likely to be.

Northern Outdoors Hunting Guides: What They Do

We offer both guided and unguided hunts. The guides at Northern Outdoors have years of experience hunting the area, and work at about a 1:6 guide to hunter ratio. We use tree stands as much as possible, and will keep you in active areas during your stay. The guides spend a majority of their time scouting for deer, and setting up or relocating tree stands. During the day they either take hunters to specific areas, or see to it that each hunter knows exactly where to go. Their primary responsibility is to do all they can do to ensure a successful hunt. Our guides do not hunt while guiding.

Hunters who choose a guide enjoy the advantage of having their scouting done in advance, and having tree stands already in place in productive spots. On unguided hunts, we will recommend areas to hunt and try to be helpful, but you are on your own for the week while in the field.

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