Drift Boat Trips

While rowing Hog Island Boat Works drift boat, guides from our partners at Kennebec River Angler’s provide river knowledge and excellent boat handling to get you into the right position. This is a perfect way to gain confidence in a variety of fly fishing techniques.

East Outlet

Draining Moosehead Lake, the East Outlet has cold water all season and the great fishing to show for it. Landlocked Salmon and Brook Trout along with Class I-III rapids provide the challenge for this postcard day on this beautiful remote river.

Bingham Section of the Kennebec River

One of the few sections of river with a wild, self-sustaining Rainbow Trout fishery. Salmon and Brook Trout are also caught during the day. This river section is a true tail water, with cooler water entering the river from Wyman Dam. The braided river bed offers a variety of opportunities for dry fly’s and nymphs.

Solon Section of the Kennebec River

Known for its Brown Trout, this section also has Salmon, Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout. Weaving its way through some amazing farmlands, this section is as scenic as it is a joy to fish.

Price: $550 for one or two anglers